Indiana Binds and Shutters offer unique Solar and Screen shades that provide an excellent shield from the sun while still maintaining your view. Solar window shades have many unique benefits and features that make them one of our most popular window covering options for your home or business. Solar shades have the ability to reduce glare which makes them ideal for media rooms, offices or any sun facing room where light control is necessary. Stylish screen shades are also a way to reduce glare and protect your furniture and flooring against strong UV sun rays, while still enjoying your view to the outdoors. As always, our Solar and Screen Shades come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Energy efficiency, heat reduction and UV ray protection are a few major benefits from the sun blocking material of solar and screen shades. Advantages with this fabric and type of shade help keep cooling costs down during the summer. Solar and screen shades filter light which helps the appearance of any room. Indiana Blinds and Shutters solar and screen shades come in a wide array of styles and openness factors: the better your view with a wider open weave; lower the openness percentage or tighter weave for more privacy. You may choose from a multitude of fabrics and colors that will add style to that special area of your home or office. These shade materials can also be ordered in our Vertical Sliding Panel systems, which can cover large width openings or your sliding doors.

Screen shades can also be ordered for numerous Exterior areas of your home or office, such as a back patios or porch areas, their marine grade parts are not damaged by the outside elements. You will see this type of window covering in a lot of retail chains and local restaurants because of the durability and long term integrity of the product, also, most of your commercial office buildings have them installed because these types of fabrics can be ordered really wide to cover those large window openings. Please contact our commercial representative and let them take care of your small or large commercial projects – our commercial quotes are always very competitive.

Wood cornices or fabric valances can top off your shades, they add an extra splash of style to any room in your home or office.

The operating systems used make any solar shade easy to operate: choose from cordless or cord free lift, continuous cord loop or a heavy duty beaded chain as well as standard cord controls. also provides our Motorization expertise for roller shades, handheld or wall mount remotes are excellent features for Motorized shades. Cordless lifts or motorization adds a great safety feature to those homes with small children or pets

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